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Allied currently offers complete Machine Evaluations on National Machinery Equipment utilizing National's standard evaluation format and OEM specifications. Formal Evaluations of all brands of headers, threading and pointing equipment is also available.

Machine evaluation form
machine evaluation scale

Evaluation reports are designed to collect enhanced measurement data
providing customers with the ability to observe clearance trending over multiple evaluations. Report trending is the key to accurate predictive maintenance. The report offers a wide range of 8 varying grades for evaluating machine components. This comprehensive grading system makes it easier for the customer to decide what maintenance and/or parts are necessary.

machine evaluation clearance measurement

Clearance measurements associated with the particular component are recorded. A customer can then compile results from consecutive evaluations to see the trend of a particular machine component.
Through the collection of clearance measurements combined with color scale information customers will have access to clear and accurate machine trending data which will support a predictive maintenance plan.

Oil analyses

Lubricants play a very important role in keeping National machines up
and running smoothly. An oil analysis is a standard procedure of
evaluations. Analyses initially allow techs to identify cross contamination of lube oil and die coolant, or the possible failure of seals. In the long term techs will be able to use analysis results along with the other trending numbers to identify failing components before they stop production.

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